Our Story

We're proudly Australasia’s leading independent creative company with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland.

Leaving the big agency world behind, we back ourselves to set a new standard for our industry and  we embrace a more human way of working, thinking and making. Less ego, more respect. No closed walls, more open doors. We work collaboratively to shape brands from the inside out. Marrying thoughtful strategy, communication and design we create experiences that don't just get the job done – they work to make a real and positive impact.


We are big believers in purposeful brands. Ours is simple. We work to make things that matter – to consumers, commerce, culture and careers. Special Group proudly doesn’t fit in any box easily– being part consultancy, part ad agency, part design firm, part innovation hub and working across brand creation, experience, design, digital, innovation and communication.


Being brave, open and kind. These values guide us every day. We don’t just talk to them or advertise them but actively try and live them every day.


We have preserved one of Australia’s most iconic galleries (the former Ray Hughes Gallery), as our working space and as a functioning gallery which also  runs as a non-for-profit.

We are surrounded by ever changing art and inspiration. We have a culture built on play and experimentation that embraces people’s passion projects. Our workspace feels more like a collaborative creative workshop than an office with our people writing children's books, furniture-making and launching tech startups. We share our space with like-minded collaborators and offer hot-desking for our clients.

If you are interested in upcoming exhibitions or in booking the gallery for an exhibition or event please contact nick.lilley@specialgroup.com.au